Living in Ypsilanti is an awesome experience. The place is best known for the Eastern Michigan University and is located just 6 miles away from Ann Arbor and just 18 miles west of the Detroit City. Ypsilanti is mainly known as Ypsi by the local people. The city is rich in history and flourishes with an innovative community. While living here I not only appreciate the education opportunities it offers, but also cherishes the other features it has to offer all its residents and visitors.

The Food

Exciting coffee shops and amazing diners will satisfy your cravings in Ypsilanti. You will enjoy the cultural fusions, fresh salads, classic barbecue and abundant measures of Macintosh and cheddar can be found on menus in the enchanting city. The city has a passion for mastering the burger, creating artisanal coffee beverages and crafting local beers. Yet, the best part is that each eating hotspot is 100% authentic, local and people serve it with a smile.

The Events

Events play a big role in displaying the culture of Ypsilanti’s, which attracts the visitors to come again and again. These events consist of weekly farmers markets, cruise nights, art shows and air shows. The place is like a home to all the major annual festivals or events which includes the Thunder over Michigan Air Show, the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival, Michigan ElvisFest, and the Color Run Michigan Eastside. These events attract thousands of tourists and there are few such events which make Ypsi a unique and thriving place.

The People

Many individuals who either lives here or visiting the place, get attracted to the sense of community Ypsilanti offers. All the residents here are quite passionate about the city and care about it and love to share the heritage with others. Ypsi offers most reasonable housing which has attracted several creative communities – which is the reason you will find attractive art galleries in the coffee houses, or can see a renovated historic warehouse having an interior of a rustic beer pub. Visiting Ypsi is like giving time to your creative side, the spirit of community here, will fill your mind with inspiration.

The Parks

Ypsi parks offer the ideal setting for evening walks, ballgames, concerts and much more. Riverside Park has most of the city’s outdoor events and keeps running along the notable Huron River. Right over the “tridge” is a Frog Island where you can locate a lovely/one of a kind amphitheater and an open soccer field. Ypsi has numerous parks concealed as you meander through the city and has the contribution of about 400 square miles of parks in the total Southeast Michigan park area.

The University

Eastern Michigan University’s campus is a beautiful gem in Ypsi. Modern and historic architecture creates a unique juxtaposition for understudies and guests. A dynamic understudy body hosts many research symposiums, art happenings, and athletic events. You can find reasonable and exceptional eating experiences to the campus.

The Shopping

You will love to explore the place full of antiques, artisan gifts and novelties and will surely buy them while going back to your home. The rare antique shopping is a provincial fascination and peculiar retail facades are loaded with must-have knick-knacks.

The History

Many individuals might be curious to know the origin of the name of Ypsilanti; there are several stories behind it.

The story started with the early settlements of the Native American Tribes at the Huron River. Later on, Ypsilanti was known to play a greater role in the WWII at the Willow Run Bomber Plant, after this it made a case for the last Hudson Dealership.

Ypsi has four local museums committed to safeguarding and sharing stories consistently. However, just strolling through the lanes will take you back in time – historic architecture lines the city’s walkways and heritage events take place here all year.

The Neighbors

Ypsilanti is encompassed by seven outstanding communities – each with their own remarkable events, dining, and outdoor activities. Broadly acclaimed theaters, art and music festivals, fun-in-the-sun water-parks, which are a must to see while visiting the place.

You can visit the place just to have some fun or you can enroll yourself to get an education here while enjoying the other aspects offered by the place. Just enjoy whatever the place has to offer you and you will have an experience of your lifetime. Explore all the opportunities you might get here.