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The College of Education at Michigan State University (MSU) is a group of understudies, instructors and researchers aimed towards education and kinesiology. The college has the aim to provide improved practices through excellent research, educating and service. With a five-year educator preparation program, training for health related careers and several other nationally ranked programs, the College of Education prepares pioneers to impact learning and human development across the world.

“The College of Education at MSU has four departments.”

The College of Education at MSU has four departments which offer graduate, undergraduate, doctoral and online courses:

  • Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education (CEPSE)
  • Department of Educational Administration (EAD)
  • Department of Kinesiology (KIN)
  • Department of Teacher Education (TE)

The College of Education has a mission of scholarship, service and leadership. They provide proper guidance and education to prepare the professionals fit for leadership roles in education; look to comprehend, change and enhance training and analyze issues of training over the life expectancy. Due to this, the college has attained quite a reputation for quality and imaginative thinking in its efforts to enhance learning as well as teaching across the nation and world, especially when we are talking about urban and global education. The faculty stays focused to addressing the educational and physical needs of all learners over the life expectancy, and to working closely with instructors, pioneers and policymakers in the field.

The MSU College of Education is situated in East Lansing, MI and is the primary education school of MSU.

In 1902, Michigan State University established its first formal course in education as the “History of Education.” And for the next 50 years, the Department of Education kept on growing by offering various courses and excellent faculties, and turned into the School of Education in 1952. The school got his first Dean as Clifford Erickson, in 1953. In the same year, the school also established the Department of Physical Education as its part. In 1985, the College built up the National Center for Research on Teacher Education (NCRTE).

The school established year-long teaching internships, now characteristics of the college, in 1993. In Michigan, MSU has the only program and amongst the few across the nation that requires at least one year of teaching internship in a public school.

“Master’s programs mainly prepare the graduates for advancements or new roles within their individual fields as experts.”

Graduate programs in the Michigan State University College of Education cultivates the experiences and skills needed to manage the most pressing difficulties facing the education profession. They additionally are among the most highly respected by educators and instructive pioneers all through the country. Remarkable faculty members build in-depth coursework and field experiences for graduate understudies and participate in a huge number of dollars of supported research. The school is focused on addressing genuine issues in practice and contributing to policy development and analysis.

Master’s programs mainly prepare the graduates for advancements or new roles within their individual fields as experts. For teachers, the M.A. generally provides students with the knowledge and skills required to obtain leadership positions in schools or just to add endorsements to their certificates. Many programs like the M.S. in Kinesiology additionally help the students to develop ways of inquiry and can lead to professions in research.

Graduate Specializations and Certificates

Graduate specializations and certificates are non-degree-giving programs that furnish understudies with focused educational programs or set of courses to grow learning and understanding about a key topic.

There are various sites which update the recent news about the Michigan State Education. You can easily follow them to keep yourself updated with everything related to the Michigan State education. Some of them are listed below:

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MSU College of education is one of the nation’s top schools known for advancing careers in teaching and educational administration, policy and research. There are several graduate programs which are consistently ranked within the top 10 programs as per the US News and world report. In fact MSU has been ranked number 1 in elementary and secondary education for past 21 years in the row. For those who are looking forward to get enrolled in any of its program need to check the above listed sites for any updated information about the university. Even one can directly check the official website to know the details of all the programs offered by the MSU, their curriculum, duration and eligibility criteria.